Singer Lily Allen turned down 200,000 Bitcoins in 2010: „I was an idiot

If she had accepted the bitcoins offered for a show in the Second Life game, today she would have a fortune of $ 4.6 billion

Lily Allen is a famous British pop singer who had the peak of her career during the second half of the 2000s, ensuring great successes in and outside the UK. However, despite everything, the singer says she has a great regret and even thinks she is „an idiot“ for it. Lily Allen refused to be paid with bitcoins for an online performance in 2010. The singer regretted it in 2014…can you imagine how she must feel now?

In an old interview (in the far distant year of 2014) for The Independent, the singer said she received an offer to receive a certain amount of money in Bitcoin for an online presentation in the Second Life game. According to the website, she decided not to accept the proposal because Bitcoin was still an experimental currency and had almost no commercial value outside of games or the small community.

In 2014 Bitcoin was valued at US$ 974

At the time of the interview, the singer was 28 years old and had a fortune estimated at 6 million euros. But the Bitcoin she had refused was worth US$ 974. She was not informed how much Bitcoin she would receive for the presentation in the Second Life game, only that the „proposal of hundreds of thousands“ should not have been refused. However,, in a subsequent matter of 2017, stated that the proposal was for 200,000 Bitcoins.

The Independent said the singer at the time was feeling stupid for not having accepted the cryptomime, since that year the appreciation of the digital currency would have made her worth at least 20 times more. The newspaper even claimed that the singer felt „an idiot“ at the time.

Lily even posted that same opinion on Twitter, in a 2014 post where she talked about the missed opportunity.

„About 5 years ago someone asked me to do an online presentation for hundreds of thousands of Bitcoin. I did not accept. #idiot“

But of course, as we know, the history of Bitcoin did not end in 2014, the currency remained firm (and very strong) in the following years.
If Lily Allen had accepted the Bitcoins, today she could have been richer than Queen Elizabeth

With Bitcoin’s recent high, the asset has surpassed and remained above US$ 20,000, which means that if Lily Allen was already sorry in 2014, with the currency worth less than US$ 1,000, imagine now? Just to be aware, if she had accepted the Bitcoins offered, today she would have the fortune of US$ 4,667,500,000 (US$ 4.6 billion).

This would make Allen one of the richest women in the UK and would have much more money than Queen Elizabeth herself, who has an estimated fortune of 300 million euros.

Truly a gigantic lost opportunity that probably bothers her to this day, even if she doesn’t talk about it anymore.

Singer Lily Allen turned down 200,000 Bitcoins in 2010: „I was an idiot
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