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ETHDenver: A Look Into the Enduring Community of Ethereum Coders

Posted on 7. March 2023 in Allgemein

• ETHDenver is a yearly gathering for smart contract and decentralized finance (DeFi) developers.
• Many posts express confusion or criticism of the event.
• The crypto market is eagerly anticipating the next major development scheduled for April – Shanghai tech upgrade.

ETHDenver: Annual Gathering for Smart Contract & DeFi Developers

ETHDenver is an annual gathering for coders and developers in the Ethereum space, providing them with an opportunity to learn more about developing applications on Ethereum and other blockchain networks. The event attracts attendees from around the world, and this year’s edition will focus on topics such as smart contracts and decentralized finance (DeFi).

Confusion & Criticism of ETHDenver

Many posts shared from the event have expressed confusion or even criticism regarding what is being presented at ETHDenver. While some people are simply questioning why certain topics are being discussed, others have gone so far as to mockingly describe it as “cringey” because Ethereum has a large community that should already be familiar with many of the concepts presented at the event.

Shanghai Tech Upgrade

Crypto markets are eagerly anticipating April’s Shanghai tech upgrade – which follows last year’s Merge – due to its potential to significantly improve scalability on Ethereum-based networks. As Matt Weller, Global Head of Research at Forex.com explains, this could bring significant improvements to how users interact with these networks by reducing transaction costs and processing times.

CoinDesk Chief Insights Columnist

CoinDesk Chief Insights Columnist David Z Morris provides his take on the situation, describing events like ETHDenver as “punk or hip hop” shows that “scare away normies” but ultimately create a unique experience where experienced developers can share their knowledge and help each other progress in their work.


In conclusion, while there might be some confusion or criticism surrounding ETHDenver due to its somewhat unconventional approach in introducing new concepts, there is no doubt that it serves an important purpose within the Ethereum community by bringing coders together under one roof to share ideas and advance their working knowledge of blockchain technology. Moreover, crypto markets are keeping a close eye on developments such as next month’s Shanghai tech upgrade which could have huge implications for scalability across multiple networks powered by Ethereum-based protocols