The FACE of experience with Neill & Sánchez

Derrière les déguisements portés par l’équipe de RestartUp, dans l’épisode 7,  se sont de précieuses leçons d’entrepreneuriat que l’on retrouve. La première d’entre elles,  traite de l'importance de créer un réseau social et professionnel, comme le dit Neill, professeur à l'IESE Business School. 

De son côté,  Angel Sanchez, co-fondateur et directeur général de Geeksme,  souligne un point crucial : " Il est aussi important d’avoir une idée comme de savoir la communiquer".

Regardez la vidéo et ne perdez pas les conseils géniaux de nos experts !



Things are getting harder with every step we take on the entrepreneurship path! Now we realize that even having a great business idea is not enough because we have to comunicate it well so... 

What are your strategies, tips, and secrets to pitch your idea? How do you act when you have the opportunity to meet a possible investor? 

(Remember: the most valuated user will win a trip to our next entrepreneurship event in Dublin!) 


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Christian Atz

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I focus on showing my passion and try to be credible and honest, which also mean not to hide any weaknesses.
04/02/2016 1 0 0

Cole Byrn

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When I get the chance to meet important people like investors I choose my words wisely and make sure to keep in short and sweet- they're very busy people and I've only got a short amount of their attention, so I want to make an impact
14/01/2016 1 0 0

jmartinreporter Martín

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My best advice when talking with a possible investor, is to show yourself very confident. The one in front of you must so see that you are ready to work hard on your idea. Maybe your project is not the best one in the world, but if you prove you are going to spend as much time as needed to make it a success, the investor may help you.
11/01/2016 0 0 0
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