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Let's get started with our first debate, based on the topics seen is the first episode of RestartUp and the video analysis by expert Mathieu Carenzo and entrepreneur Sidney Levy, who FACE Entrepreneurship would also like to thank for their collaboration.

Remember, the debate will be open until November 5th and the more you participate, the more medals and prizes you could win! 


One of the keys offered by Mathieu Carenzo is the difference between an idea and an opportunity.  When do you recognize that an idea can be turned into an opportunity?


Have you ever thrown out an idea because it wasn’t a real opportunity? Was it difficult for you to give that up?


The analysis also highlights the importance of a team. For your entrepreneurial projects will you need to find a team? How have you thought about building the right team? What skills and other factors will you need to keep in mind?


The experts speak about the importance of having the right mindset to be an entrepreneur and that it shouldn’t be a backup plan, but instead your plan A, which is also something Daniel Soriano, Director of the IE Business School Centre for Entrepreneurship, commented on. How did you come to be part of the entrepreneurial world? Do you seen yourself forced to start up your own business?


Mathieu Carenzo assures us that anyone can be an entrepreneur. Do you agree? What do you think is essential to be an entrepreneur?

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