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Erasmus for entrepreneurs

Erasmus for entrepreneurs

Many young entrepreneurs are full of creative, innovative ideas but lack the experience and knowledge to successfully compete in the startup world. Meanwhile, already established entrepreneurs are always seeking out new, inventive perspectives so that they can improve their company. How can these two parties connect and share their knowledge and skills? The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Program is the answer! This cross-border exchange program provides the perfect opportunity for new and established entrepreneurs to collaborate and mutually benefit from each other.


While staying with the host entrepreneur, the new entrepreneur has the chance to learn from an experienced individual who already is running his or her own small businesses. The young entrepreneur gains knowledge about the skills required to run a small or medium-sized firm, learns how to refine business plans, and adds valuable members of the international European business community to their network. The new entrepreneur also gains insight into different cultural and organizational settings, improves their language skills, and learns more about European commercial law and the European market.


The new entrepreneur is not the only individual who benefits from this exchange program. The host entrepreneur gets to work with an energetic, motivated person who can bring a fresh perspective to the host’s business. The interaction with another entrepreneur will improve the growth potential of the host’s company by establishing a business partnership with an individual from a different company.  Furthermore, the collaboration with the new entrepreneur will further develop the network of the host entrepreneur and will add to their own knowledge about foreign markets. This exchange is not one-sided; it is truly a “win-win” for both parties.


The program is offered in 37 different European countries, so it is available to nearly every European entrepreneur. The duration of the stay can be anywhere from one month to six months, giving the participants an ample amount of time to develop their relationship and improve the methods and ideas of both parties.

Involvement with the Erasmus program is easy. Applications can be found at and are ongoing. Once you have applied, you set up a contact point in your country. These entities guide the entrepreneurs throughout the application process and help establish a good relationship with the suitable entrepreneur. Here in Spain, Tetuan Valley is a contact point for entrepreneurs wanting to participate in the program. If you’d like to participate you can contact them at


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