1. What is a cookie?

The cookies are storage devices and data retrieval instruments that are downloaded in the user's equipament terminal in order to store data that can be update and retrieved by Efecto Global S.L.U

2. Types of cookies that are used within the Website

The user that is surfing the website can find cookies inserted directly by Efecto Global S.L.U (personal cookies) or cookies inserted by different entities (third parties' cookies), as detailed in the following sections:

  • a. Personal Cookies, i.e., strictly necessary inserted by Efecto Global S.L.U (the owner). The Holder of the website uses xtrictly necessary cookies that are there to facilitate the correct navigation of the website, as well as to ensure that the content is loaded efficiently. thes cookies are also session cookies, i.e., which means that they are temporary and expire an are automatically deleted when the user closes his browser.

  • b. Third parties' Cookies. Thes are the entities tha use cookies on the website, an their purpose

    • Social network cookies: the contractor uses cookies from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn so that the user can share web content in these social networks.

    • Cookies for traffic measurement in portals: the holder uses Gooogle Analytics cookies to collect statistical data of the user activity on the website in order to improve services provided to users. Theses cookies allow us to analyze user traffic, generating an anonymous user ID that used to measure how many times a user visits the web.

3. Navigator configuration

The acceptance made by sers of the cookies installation may be revoked by the configuration options available on the website. The holder advises users to consult the 'hel' in the browser or access the support website of the major browsers:

  • Firefox: http://support.mozilla/org/es/home

  • Internet Explorer:

  • Safari:

  • Opera:

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