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Una gran duda surge en el último episodio de ‘RestarUp’. ¿Debe Kate volver a la ‘seguridad’ de su antiguo empleo? ¿Debe continuar como emprendedora con todas las incertidumbres que ello supone? La respuesta está clara para nuestro experto Mathieu Carenzo, socio en Venturehub, lecturer y Business Angel: ser un emprendedor ahora no implica que no puedas trabajar en una gran empresa luego. 

Por su parte Nea Bautista, CEO y co-fundadora de Chilikids recuerda que ser un emprendedor es un gran sacrificio personal porque tiene que dedicarle a tu proyecto muchas horas. 

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A typical doubt for entrepreneurs appears in both Episode 10 of RestartUp and our latest expert analysis with Bautista and Carenzo.  When is it the right time to give up on your business idea?  For Kate this moment seems to have arrived when her former boss offers her a job, precisely in the moment when her crowdfunding campaign isn’t working out too well.  What about you?

When do you think is the moment to work for a private company and abandon your startup?  How do you think this decision should be made?  


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Nakul Wali

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support is important!
07/06/2016 0 0 0

Christian Atz

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For me it was a mixture of gut feeling and reason. However I did just work part time as an employee and the other time for a new startup project. Yet still the idea I quit working on is in the back of my head and maybe in some time is a better time to execute it and to find a market for it.
17/02/2016 5 0 1

Maria Coco

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I agree with you Chistian
25/02/2016 2 0 1
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