Frequently asked questions


• What is FACE Entrepreneurship?

It is a digital platform that brings together experiences and advice from expert entrepreneurs as well as resources and videos that can help you to launch your own business.  On this platform you’ll find the most common fears identified and faced by entrepreneurs and coping strategies based on the experience of other entrepreneurs and industry leaders. 

• Who’s behind FACE Entrepreneurship? 

FACE Entrepreneurship is part of the European Commission’s Digital Agenda for Europe within the Horizon 2020 program. 

• Why should I register?

By registering you’ll have access to exclusive content on our game board as well as the opportunity to participate in the FACE Entrepreneurship community and win different prizes, including trips to our entrepreneurship events being celebrated in several European capitals throughout the year. 


• What does it mean to be a FACEr? 

A FACEr is a restless entrepreneur, someone who is enthusiastic and active in the FACE Entrepreneurship community.  Over the coming months we’ll be publishing videos, interviews, surveys and debates for you to share your opinion as an entrepreneur.  Remember, being an active user has its rewards: the chance to travel to a European capital and attend one of our entrepreneurship events. 

• What is the game?

Each week new squares on the FACE Entrepreneurship game board will be unlocked, organized by the different stages of entrepreneurship, where you will find video interviews, episodes of our original web series “RestartUp” as well as video commentaries by experts about the world of entrepreneurship.  The more content you watch and the more you participate in the community with your comments, the more possibilities you’ll have to travel with FACE Entrepreneurship, for free, to one of our entrepreneurship events being held all over Europe. 

• How do I participate?

By commenting, answer surveys and taking part in debates.  We also encourage you to follow us on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. 

• What kind of content will I find? 

o Video interviews with entrepreneurs 

o RestartUp, our original entrepreneurship web series 

o Video commentaries by industry experts about entreperneurship topics watched in the webseries 

o Events calendar with the most important entrepreneurship events  in Europe 

o Blog with articles, interviews and news about the world of entrepreneurship 

o Resources such as online tools, links to important websites with information about the distinct facets of entrepreneurship, advice for validating ideas, web design, overcoming stage fright, etc… 

All of our content is based on the real experiences of entrepreneurs like you who have already gone through those difficult moments to create their startup.  

Similarly, FACE Entrepreneurship has identified the 7 most common entrepreneurial fears and doubts that we will be fighting against thanks to the advice of experts who have overcome all of these barriers. 

• How do I unlock a square on the game board? 

Each week 2 squares will automatically be unlocked, one on Mondays and another on Wednesdays, so pay attention! 


• How do the medals work? 

As a FACEr, we encourage you to actively participate in the community.  Your contributions and interactions on the platform will earn you different medals (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) which in turn will help you to win prizes. 

You can earn medals for commenting, taking part in debates, checking out the squares on the game board, reply to surveys and questionnaires and even by attending the different FACE Entrepreneurship events throughout 2016.  Remember, the others in the community can rank your comments positively or negatively, which then becomes your Karma rating, and you can rate their contributions as well. 

• What prizes can I win? 

This year will are organizing different entrepreneurship events across all off Europe that are completely free to attend.  But, if you’re the most active and highest rated user in the community, we’ll pay your airfare and 1 night’s hotel stay (see Terms & Conditions) to the city of our next event.  At these events we invite important entrepreneurs from the continent who have got a lot to tell you.  What’s more, at each event a workshop will be held to help you improve your skills from restructuring costs to communication.  Sounds good, right? 

• If I win, when will I be notified? 

We will notify you at least a week in advance so you can plan your trip.  Remember, as the winner, FACE Entrepreneurship will take care of your flight as well as 1 night hotel stay during the event. 

• How will I know if I’ve earned any medals? 

On your FACEr profile you can see all of the medals you’ve earn by participating in the FACE Entrepreneurship community. 


• What are the FACE Entrepreneurship events?

Throughout 2015 and 2016 we are hosting a total of 7 offline events in the following cities: Madrid, London, Dublin, Prague, Munich, Copenhagen and Helsinki.  At each of these gatherings we will count on the expertise of entrepreneurship leaders who will share, first hand, what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, what challenges you will face and how you can overcome them. 

• How can I attend an event? 

Our events are completely free, so the only think you need to do is register on our web to reserve your spot.  However, if you’re the most active and highest rated user in the community the month prior to the event (see Terms & Conditions), we’ll provide you with the flight and 1 night’s hotel stay for the event! 

If you can’t attend our events, don’t worry!  They will be streamed live on our web so you won’t miss a thing, and after the event the recording will be available on our game board for you to check out at any time. 

What’s more, if you’ve got questions for our panelists but are unable to attend the event in person, you can send us your questions via the comment box on the event square or by Skype (enlace a cuenta).


• How can I collaborate with an event ?

There are many way you can collaborate with FACE Entrepreneurship:

First of all, you can share our articles, interviews and resources on your web, blog or on different social media. 

If you belong to a University or Business School or have direct contact with entrepreneurs, it would be great if you would share our work with your students and explain why they should register on our platform.  We’ve got an interesting Prezi presentation that we are able to provide you so you may explain to your students or colleagues what FACE Entrepreneurship is about and what we offer them. 

• I’ve got a startup, how can I tell you about it? | I want to volunteer at an event, how can I do that? | I’d like to collaborate as a guest blogger, who should I contact? 

As a European project, we appreciate all support and collaborations that entrepreneurship enthusiasts offer us.  Therefore, you may write to us at info@face-entrepeneurship.com and tell us about your startup so we can share information about your project; you can also ask for information about our events and the possibility to volunteer at one or even how to collaborate as a guest blogger. 

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