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FACE Madrid. Starting up: how to overcome fear of failure?


FACE Madrid. Starting up: how to overcome fear of failure?

FACE Entrepreneurship will carry out its official launch on the 7th of October in Madrid at the South Summit ’15 Event (Madrid).  

Under the heading ‘Starting up: how to overcome fear of failure? Lessons from successful European ICT Entrepreneurs’ FACE Entrepreneurship will organize several activities within the event program,  that will take place in Plaza de Toros de las Ventas in Madrid from the 7th to 9th of October.



On the 7th of October from 5 pm we will count with three leading entrepreneurs that will share their experiences, their rights and wrongs when starting their projects, as well as the solutions and decisions they found and took in that moment. Julie Meyer (@JulieMarieMeyer), founder of Entrepreneur Country Global; Pau García-Milà (@pau), founder of Leaders University, Idea Foster and EyeOS; and Rodrigo del Prado of BQ, will offer a warm and participative meeting to the participants of the event.

On the 8th of October from 11:00 am we will offer a workshop called FACE it! Top tips for dealing with fear of failure, in which the main aspects related with the fear of failure will be addressed, with emphasis on the implementation of ICT business projects. Jan Reichelt (@janerixo), cofounder of Mendeley, will be responsible for this activity. This event will address the fears every entrepreneur experiences in the moment he/she decides to take the plunge and start up a business. Jan Reichelt will share the details of his career (fears, failures, success…) and will invite the participants to put themselves in the shoes of an ICT entrepreneur by designing their own ‘elevator pitch!’

Furthermore, the participants can find us during the three days of the event at our stand, where they will have the opportunity to participate in networking activities.

The project will provide FACErs  tickets at no cost* to attend FACE Entrepreneurship Madrid and the South Summit 15. If you are interested in getting one of the tickets, you only have to register and reserve yours, you will be requested to confirm your attendance in the next weeks. 


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Our speakers

Julie Meyer

Julie Meyer is a leader in investments and digital entrepreneurship who has launched numerous initiatives for business creation in Europe.

In 1998 she founded First Tuesday, a network of business owners dedicated to investments for the creation of Internet companies. Later in 2000, she created Ariadne Capital, which presented a new model of corporate finance, which has 62 investors of reference and has supported outstanding companies such as: Espotting, Skype, Monitise, SpinVox, Zopa, BeatThatQuote and SoundOut.

She has won numerous awards and corporate honours, one of which was her appointment as MBE (Member of the British Empire), awarded by the British government for her services to business development. She is also part of the top 30 of the most influential women in Europe in the Wall Street Journal, and more. 


Pau García-Milà

Pau García-Milà

Pau is a very active entrepreneur and communicator; he launched his first company, eyeOS, when he was only 17 years old. The creation of this company earned him several awards: Innovator of the Year in 2011 by MIT's TR-35, Prince of Asturias Award, and Girona "IMPULSA Business 2010".

He is the author of four books on innovation, ideas and communication and writes about these topics in various media, defending the culture of failure as key to success.

Currently he is working on various projects, LeadersUniversity and IdeaFoster as well as teaching classes at ESADE Business School within the Master of Digital Business.


Rodrigo Del Prado

Rodrigo studied Advanced Telecommunications Engineering at the ETSIT of UPM in Madrid. He started his professional career as Hardware Manager with ITEM Consulting.

In 2007, he joined MemoriasUSB as Sales Manager. Starting in 2009, he combined this position with Expansion Manager, still within the same company.

Since 2010 Rodrigo has been Deputy CEO of BQ (Mundo Reader S.L). He is also a founding partner of Star TIC Innovación and one of the founders of Fundación ITEM Consulting.


Jan Reichelt

Jan is a vocational entrepreneur specializing in the implementation of technology-based startups, online businesses, information services and digital media.

After holding various management positions in different companies and teaching, he decided to create his own company. His first entrepreneurial attempt at a travel agency did not succeed.

Later in 2008, Jan co-founded Mendeley, one of the largest research collaboration platforms in the world, offering a set of free cloud-based tools.

Currently he is a member and advisor to the European Forum for Young Innovators as well as non-executive Director of Emerge Education London, where he helps other entrepreneurs as a business angel. 


*Only ‘Conference ticket’

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