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FACE London. Money, money, money


FACE London. Money, money, money

Under the title 'FACE London. Money, money, money' FACE Entrepreneurship is going to London November 19. The event will gather more than 150 European ICT entrepreneurs and will  be introduced by Reijo Pold, Head of Partnerships and Events at Wayra UK, followed by talks from 3 experts from the entrepreneurial world: Rhona Togher, Andrew J. Scott and Stéphane Gantchev will discuss financial fears in a panel moderated by tech journalist Alex Wood.

We will expand on the aspects of economic risks and the effects they have on young people who want to startup in the ICT sector. 

Various entrepreneurs and financial experts will share their experiences and knowledge with our attendees. 

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FACE London will be hosted at Wayra UK Headquarters (2-10 Capper St London WC1E 6JA Goodge Street tube station)

The event will begin at 10 am and will continue until 3:00 pm




9:45 am. Attendee reception/ Welcome

10:00 am. FACE Entrepreneurship presentation and opening remarks

10:20 am. Panel of Speakers introduction

12:00 pm-13:30 pm. Lunch and networking.

13:30 pm- 15:00 pm. Workshop and manifesto


Our Speakers


Reijo Pold

Reijo Pold is passionate about the entrepreneurship world, which has led him to be responsible for collaborations and events at Wayra, the Telefónica accelerator for startups in the UK which will host at its headquarters in London the next FACE Entrepreneurship event. 

Before becoming completely immersed in one of the most popular initiatives with European entrepreneurs, Pold worked for the UK Telefónica affiliate where he addressed issues in big data, social media, education 2.0, E-Health and so on that combined traditional industries with new technologies.

Reijo Pold will be in charge of introducing the speakers at our event.

Learn more about Reijo Pold!

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/reiopold

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/reijo-pold-3b342b15

Web site: http://wayra.co.uk/


Rhona Togher

The story of this young Irish woman shows that a good idea can come at any age, and it’s never too early to take advantage of it! Just ask Rhona Togher, who while still being a high school student developed a hearing therapy to relieve a condition known as tinnitus. Thanks to this innovation, Rhona Togher earned a name in the BT Young Scientists & Technology Exhibition in Dublin in 2008 and 2009 as well as the recognition of the Irish Health Research Board by earning the ‘Medical Innovation’ of the year award.

Today, this young woman has grown her idea and it has become a successful startup called ‘Restored Hearing’, where she acts as CEO and continuously looks for ways to improve her products and to reach as many people as possible. Hers is a story of how an entrepreneurial mentality can take root very early in the way of seeing life for young Europeans.

Rhona Togher actively participates in the world of entrepreneurship, both by sharing information on social networks and interacting with other entrepreneurs and going to events like the recent ‘Irish Tatler Women of the Year’.

Follow Rhona Togher on her social media!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/rhonatogher

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rhonatogher

Web site: https://www.restoredhearing.com/


Andrew J Scott

Blood may not be what flows through Andrew J Scott’s veins, but instead information bits and binary codes since, for this British-born entrepreneur, nothing is more interesting than technological development, Internet and the possibilities it provides our ever changing world. And it’s not an exaggeration, because as a child he showed his passion for information technology that led him to found a fanzine for Atari computer users.

From that moment on and for the next 20 years as an entrepreneur, Scott founded 6 ICT startups among which are: ‘InTraining’, ‘Playtext’, and ‘Rumble Labs’. This young man has also been involved in advising another 100 startups and currently is a founder partner at ‘7percent Ventures’, and co-founder of ‘ICE List’. http://icelist.eu/

Andrew J Scott is a fireproof entrepreneur who lives halfway between the web and mobile, and between London and San Francisco.

Don’t miss what Andrew J Scott is sharing online!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/andrewjscott

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewjscott

Web: andrewjscott.com


Stephane Gantchev

The adjective ‘techy’ is perhaps the best way to summarize the professional development Stephane Gantchev, who has been immersed in the ICT world for over 15 years.

With a long career in the telecommunications sector in France, this Bulgarian has experience as the head of Orange Innovations and as the Sales Director at Velti serving ‘LAUNCHub’, an initiative that helps entrepreneurs in Southeast Europe with the most innovative ideas launch their startups. He does this not only through providing financial aid but also as a member of the team, as one of the many entrepreneurs who shares his contacts and knowledge.

In addition, Gantchev is one of the founders of Mobile Monday Sofia and the co-organizer of different entrepreneurship events like Balkan Venture Forum Sofia, held a couple of years ago.  

Stephane Gantchev is an active user of social networks, so don’t hesitate to follow him!  

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sgantchev

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sgantchev

Web: http://launchub.com/


Matt Kuppers

After seven years in the startup industry, Matt Kuppers has become an expert on advising those who have a business idea they want to launch. Not surprisingly, Kuppers has helped more than 250 startups and shared his knowledge with hundreds of students in business schools across the UK. Besides, Kuppers has been designated Co-Organiser & London Ambassador of the Startup Europe Week. 

Supporting entrepreneurs is precisely the basis for ‘Startup Manufactory’, the initiative which Matt Kuppers is founder of and which helps to start businesses in sectors as diverse as food, renewable technologies, education and more.

During the FACE Entrepreneurship London event, Kuppers will be hosting a dynamic workshop in which participants will get tips first hand from this veteran businessman and at the same time share their own ideas and fears in relation to financing their projects.

Stay in the loop on what Matt Kuppers has to say on his social networks!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mattkuppers

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mattkuppers

Web: http://www.startupmanufactory.com/


Alex Wood

As the launch editor of Tech City News, Alex Wood has built the leading news website and print magazine for London's tech startup scene, picking up News Website of the Year and a commendation from the PPA, the publishing industry body.

Alex is a leading voice on technology and regular contributor to BBC News, Sky, CNN and CNBC. He also provides regular analysis and commentary for the Guardian and CNN websites.

He was invited to become a Visiting Lecturer in Online Journalism at City University in 2010 and continues to lecture across TV and Broadcast Journalism masters programmes.

Alex Wood will be the moderator of the panel. 

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexwoodcreates

Twitter: https://twitter.com/alexwoodcreates

Web: http://www.alexwood.me/

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