Carmona: Is it really a good idea to startup with friends?

Javier Carmona is the co-founder of Dronair, a startup that wants to make drones a way of life.  He and his partners use them to shoot and create spectacular aerial photographs.  In this interview Carmona talks about how very few people believed in his project to start with, they thought that there was no future in drone technology.  Today, his startup has proven that there is a huge market for these types of audiovisual products.  

Dronair’s co-founder also touches on what it’s like to get started in the world of entrepreneurship with friends, “When you start you don’t know if you’re going to be able to make it work,” and “starting up with friends might sound good, but are you really going to be able to work together?” 

Learn more about Javier Carmona’s experience in this exclusive video interview



When someone wants to start a business the first thing they think is that it would be awesome to do it with friends. The logic there is clear: launching a business is complicated and it’s going to take up a lot of our time, so what better way to spend it than with people we know and get on well with, right?


The entrepreneur Javier Carmona starts the debate and openly asks if it’s really a good idea to go into business with friends?  How do you know that beyond having a good time they’ll be able to face the challenges and stresses of entrepreneurship? 


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Christian Atz

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I am currently a member of the EU-xcel accelerator, where you start projects with aspiring entrepreneurs from various EU countries. Its a big challenge as we all just met during the workshop.
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