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As their project starts to turn into a reality and Kate and her friends are developing their ideas, they hit the first road bumps… Like not knowing who the CEO is! That is precisely what Rodolfo Carpintier, founder of Digital Assets Deployment, refers to when he assures us that it’s just as important to have a good team as it is to know who the leader of the project is. 

Reina Cáceres also talks about the role of a CEO. The entrepreneurship expert and investment director at Digital Assets Deployment highlights the need for the team leader to have interpersonal skills and be able to manage different problems simultaneously,

Meanwhile. Jeroen Kemperman, co-founder of Treeveo, details the importance of knowing how to choose ideas to be developed within a project, something that Kate and her friends, for now, are not too good at...


Here we are with our second debate! In the last episode of RestartUp, 'How's the boss?', we could see some problems that Kate and her friends are having at the time of choosing a leader. This is something that Rodolfo Carpentier talks about. In the same way, Reina Cáceres details the skills that a leader should have. 

On the other hand Jeroen Kemperman, talks about the importance of decision-making when it comes to choose to develop or not an idea. 


What decision-making systems do you know ? What kind of leader do you think you are? Do you think is leadership natural or learned?

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Michelle Marcoux

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Jeroen talks about how choosing a business idea can be dangerous, and he says to be careful which idea to pick- but how do I know which idea to pick?! How do I know if I should risk it all on an idea that was a good sell or if it's better to choose great sounding ideas right off the bat?
30/10/2015 5 0 2

urtzi Terroba Corral

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I agree with Rodolfo, the idea is not the core of the business. The idea is just the beginning... and it normally keeps changing, evolving... And having the right team is what it counts and makes the idea evolve in the right direction. Regarding Jeroen's words, I don't agree with him. I consider that every idea should be listened and considered, no matter whose idea it is. But ideas should be analyzed objectively and we should not be ashamed to tell someone we respect that his/her idea is not good. Summarizing... human relations are key to succeed!
29/10/2015 3 0 3

Rodomis Rodomis

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Muy buena explicación!
28/10/2015 4 1 1
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