Entrepreneurship as a contribution to society

How a startup can improve our democracy? This is what is trying to discover the Founder of MoveBG Sasha Bezuhanova. She has developed a platform to deal with digital democracy bringing together many profiles that has a lot to say when it comes to our decision way. 

“I think that my contribution and service to society is an important mission and that’s why I devoted myself to it”. This is the kind of passion that makes successful entrepreneurs. Do you want to know the rest? Check this video-interview!



Sasha Bezuhanova talks about how to get more people involved in your project. It's not always easy when you need to recruit very specific skills and profiles for your team... here is our question.


How do you look for co-founders? What's your strategy to get people inspired and ready to join your team? Where do you try to find them?

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Cole Byrn

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I think it's important to have a co-founder before you actually start up, with someone you trust and respect but also someone who's skills compliment your own. It's great to find these types of people through your university classes
06/05/2016 0 0 1

Julie Mannu

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I think that more and more startup , as Sasha Bezuhanova, has clear that we need to consider the opinion of our audience and also include an online or Offline space for democratic exchange, in this way people participate and can complement each other in a given sector
04/05/2016 2 0 1
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