The FACE of experience: Morales, Belitski & Aranda

After watching RestartUp episode 12 many entrepreneurs would have realized how important some aspects of business are, like “when you create a startup legal aspects are some of the main questions you’ll have to consider.”  That’s what Clelia Morales, Co-founder and CCO of Woom Fertility, explains. 

For Maksim Belitski, lecturer at the University of Reading, what really makes a startup are its people, their skills and their network.  That’s why we can see how difficult it is for Kate’s Touch team to realize they lack the necessary skills and they need to hire an outside person. 

Building a multidisciplinary team is important, so important that it’s best to do it sooner rather than later, “in the startup ecosystem you need to do things quickly but you always need to remain calm.”  That’s one of the tips offered by Cristina Aranda, co-founder of Mujeres Tech. What to hear what other advice they have to offer? Click play and take a look!



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This video is very useful
31/05/2016 1 0 0

Espe maria

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I agree with Clelia Morales legal aspects are very important when you are starting up
30/03/2016 4 0 1
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