Entrepreneurship: teaching vs. culture

‘StartUpXplore’ is a Spanish platform which brings together entrepreneurs, investors, accelerators and others involved in the world of entrepreneurship. The CEO and founder Javier Megías, an entrepreneur with 15 years of experience, shares with us some of his conclusions from his first frustrated business ventures. 

According to the DELPHI study, which you can find here, the biggest fear entrepreneurs face is about financing, a fear that Javier Megías talks about in his interview, “even though we had all of the resources, we failed. This isn’t about money, it’s about execution.”

This entrepreneur also spoke about the importance of instilling the entrepreneurial spirit. In fact, Megías admits that he is teaching his young son how he can earn his own money doing something which he is good at and he enjoys. 

This FACE Entrepreneurship interview also touches on the subject of failure, the importance of making mistakes quickly and the philosophy which one should have when starting up.


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Nakul Wali

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This is very much the basis i believe. likewise the nature vs nurture debate.
26/05/2016 2 0 1

urtzi Terroba Corral

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Grande Javier!
08/11/2015 3 0 2
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