Mashaalahi and the importance of second chances

Tina Mashaalahi, co-founder and COO of KweekWeek, became an entrepreneur when she hit on a business opportunity related to event ticket purchases.  “There wasn’t anything similar to what we offer,” explains this entrepreneur.

For her, entrepreneurship is a learning journey on which it’s normal to fail the first time you try something; the second occasion you’ll have all that experience and you won’t make the same mistakes again.  “The first time you start something it’s impossible to know everything.”  So her advice is that regardless of the success of your startup, you need to focus on developing yourself and improving your own skills.  Click on the video and get all the advice this young entrepreneur has to offer you!


Tina Mashaalahi told us how important learning from experience is. She explained that making mistakes is almost inevitable for first time entrepreneurs. A part from this, we already know that being well educated is important so, here's today’s debate question.


What are the most important courses, classes and skills an entrepreneur should have before starting up?


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