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Live streaming will start at 17:30 GMT +1



Arrival of attendees 17.15 -17:30 GMT +1

Welcome by Martin Pospíšil, Director Department of Foreign Economic Policies, Ministry of Industry and Trade 17: 30 – 17:35 GMT +1

Introduction of FACE Entrepreneurship, Blanca Rabena, Communications Manager at FACE Entrepreneurship 17:35 – 17:45 GMT +1 



 Facing Social Fear when starting up a company 17: 45 – 19: 20 GMT +1 

Moderated by Vitek Horky - CEO at Brand Embassy


Kristina Tsvetanova -  CEO & Cofounder at BLITAB Technologies


Ragnar Sass - Co-founder Pipedrive & Co-founder Garage48 Hackathons


Marek Fodor - Co-founder Atrapalo , Chairman of Kantox


Dennis Tan -  Co-founder Dashmote


Ticket raffle María Lada, Investors and Startups Department, South Summit 19:20- 19:25 GMT +1

Closing Ana Vich, Economic and Trade Council ICEX Prague 19: 25 – 19:30 GMT +1

Final remarks, Blanca Rabena 19:30- 19: 35 GMT +1

Networking and Face to Face with speakers 19: 35 GMT +1



Kristina Tsvetanova -  @blitab_

CEO & Cofounder at BLITAB Technologies

Kristina Tsvetanova

Kristina Tsvetanova is currently a CEO and co-founder of BLITAB, the World’s first Tablet for blind and visually impaired people. BLITAB Technology is one of Austria’s most successful social start-up companies, which won 10 international social innovation awards and more than 20 sustainable recognitions within 6 months. Kristina graduated two times with honors from the Technical University of Sofia and has 7 years hands-on experience as an Industrial enginner and Supply Chain expert.  BLITAB was the recipient of the European Innovator 2014 Award for Social Impact.    


Ragnar Sass  -  @ragnars

Co-founder Pipedrive & Co-founder Garage48 Hackathons

Ragnar Sass

Ragnar Sass is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of a simple CRM software called Pipedrive and Garage48, a startup boot camp. 2015 TechCrunch & The Europas named Pipedrive as a European best B2B startup. Ragnar is also an advisor at Testlio, a community of experts who test mobile apps.  Previously he held positions as boardmember and President of the Estonian Startups Leaders Club, and although his first startup uniteddogs.com failed, a social network for pet owners with more than 350,000 users worldwide, he didn’t let that stop him. Ragnar studied IT Management at the Estonian Business School and Marketing and Leadership at Tartu Ülikool. Before startup life he spent many years in media business leading the development of newspapers' and radio stations' internet assets and also launched a TV channel.  


Marek Fodor @fodor

Co-founder Atrapalo , Chairman of Kantox

Marek Fodor

Marek Fodor is currently the Chairman on Kantox, a firm pioneering the foreign exchange industry, and previously co-founded Atrapalo, one of the largest independent online travel agents in Spain.  He has been a mentor for SeedRocket and SeedCamp since 2008 and has worked on various projects as a researcher and consultant. Marek studied for his PhD in Economics from the Charles University City in Prague but put defending his thesis on the backburner to get involved with Atrapalo. He also holds degrees in Corporate Finance from the University of London Birkbeck College and Master's degrees in Economics and Cybernetics from the Economic and Technical Universities Kosice.   


Dennis Tan -  @dashmote

Co-founder Dashmote

Dennis Tan

Dennis Tan co-founded Dashmote, a stock image provider making your life easier to find stock images, in 2014 with a rebellious spirit.  He is also currently Chair of the Board and co-founder of Lobulo Holding.  Dennis has a background in business and entrepreneurship having recieved degrees in Economics and Business Economics, Fiscal Economics and Public Administration from the Erasmus University Rotterdam, as well as successfully participating in the Entrepreneurship Summer School in 2012 hosted by Think Young and Google.  Since 2004 he has co-found and chaired various ventures such as Kerames, Zaviox and the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship and Dutch Entrepreneurship Students Communities just to name a few.       


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Christian Atz

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Great event and very well selected panel speakers. I learned a lot. Thank you!
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