McCarthy: surround yourself with positive people.

To Liz McCarthy, head of business development and events at Dogpatch Labs, “it’s very exciting” how the ICT ecosystem is growing up all around Europe but specially in Ireland. There is “lots of interest from people from abroad […] coming to Ireland and learning what is happening here”. 

McCarthy shares with us some hard times at the beginning of her career, when she had to make a crucial decision. Do you want to know more about this young entrepreneur’s vision? Watch this video interview and remember: Surround yourself with positive people and find the right community for you!



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Julie Mannu

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Finding a community for starting up a business is one of the keys for young entrepreneurs, and your community is a true discovery !
09/03/2016 1 1 0

Nina Justin

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I totally agree with finding the support. Entrepreneurialism is a very exciting, adventurous yet risky terrain. Like running a marathon, you do need to be surrounded by fellow runners, trust that there are people who is going to be cheering for you along the way and at the end. There is a lot of mental discipline and personal belief involved in it but with the feeling that there is that 'cushion' for you to rest on, you can certainly endure the worthy journey! And of course, it is always great to share the experience!
08/03/2016 5 0 1

Maria Coco

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For this reason FACE is necessary to motivate young entrepreneurs sharing entrepreneur experiences
09/03/2016 2 1 0
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