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In the 9th episode of RestartUp we saw the amusing consequences of their not very successful crowdfunding campaign.  However, and far beyond this invaluable financing tool, our experts have focused on analyzing the impact having a startup has on the private life of any entrepreneur.

For one, Conor Neill, lecturer at IESE Business School, talks about the importance of deciding where to put your boundaries between private and work life.  Those limits should be set and respected from the very first moment.

On the other hand, Ángel Sánchez, co-founder and general manager of Geeksme empathizes with the fears of entrepreneurs when it comes to losing personal freedom, but says that the important thing is to try, and if someone has an idea they shouldn’t let the opportunity pass them by.


Being an entrepreneur means being ready to work 24/7. At least that's what most entrepreneurs say. But our experts recommend being careful with planning of our free time because it can be pretty bad for our business not to have time to rest and to spend with our family and friends. 


How do you know where to put the limits between your professional and your private life? Have you been forced to give something really important up from your personal life? How do you deal with the lack of free time? 

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Christian Atz

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I still try to figure out whether and how to put the limits between private and professional life. The lack of free time is actually no problem, however I notice that I have less and less common topics to about with some very good friends, who are not entrepreneurs, so sometimes I worry that my interests become to single sided.
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