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The entrepreneur Gianluca Dettori, Founder and President of the Italian venture capital firm dPixel, reminds us that it’s important to be prepared to deal with the side effects of growth in your startup.  As you grow the risks you take are bigger with each step forward, the team is larger, the pressure you’ll be under is stronger and both the good and bad times you’ll go through will be even more intense.  Gianluca asks you not to give up after your first failure because your second or third experiences will be that much better.


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Christian Atz

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Failure is mostly described from a financial point of view - meaning it needed to be quit due to no profitability or a lacking market. How about describing failure from a ethical aspect and saying failure means to lose: certain moral standards, a fair behaviour, standing for certain rights...
04/02/2016 6 0 1

Cole Byrn

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You're right- failure in business is not just about running out of money or not becoming profitable, there's other types of failures, as you mentioned, but what I think is important is to remember that failure isn't permanent. A person can change their actions, their ideas, and their approach and move on from a percieved failure.
08/02/2016 4 0 1
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