From CMO at Google, to CEO at Woom

What makes a former director of huge companies such as Google and eBay leave their stable job to launch their own startup?

In the case of Laurence Fontinoy, CEO and co-founder of Woom, it was thanks to her life experiences that she saw there was a market need for something which gave her the idea for her company.  

The biggest fear she faced when she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, joined also by her husband, was the lack of a salary and stable monthly income for her family.  But Laurence admits that from the beginning she also confronted other fears and explained how she overcame them.  Want to know which ones and how? Hit play and watch!


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Julie Mannu

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I find really interesting her project and her career as an entrepreneur , she is a great example and inspiration for women !
27/01/2016 1 0 1

Maria Coco

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Big Woman! She's so strong!
27/01/2016 2 0 1
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