FACE London: Money, money, money

FACE Entrepreneurship continues its European tour of offline events in London, where we've brought together 3 entrepreneurship experts to share their experiences of how they faced financial fears & economic risks when starting up in the ICT sector. FACE London- Money, Money, Money will tackle one of the most important fears young European entrepreneurs face: financing.

In this video you can watch Reijo Pold, Head of Partnerships and Events at Wayra UK introduce our panel of entrepreneur speakers: Rhona Togher, Andew J. Scott and Stéphane Gantchev, moderated by Tech Journalnist Alex Wood. 

After our panel we continue with our workshop entitled "Lose you fear of financial failure" led by Matt Kuppers, which will also give participants the opportunity to share their experiences about starting up. 


Subtitles available in English, Spanish, French and German.


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Ricardo Martín

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It's great to see people starting up things out school projects... now I'll focus on my lil' brother's progress, gonna exploit the boy!!!
26/11/2015 1 0 1
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