RobotNest: teaching robotics in Latvia

The development of robotics has experienced continuous growth since the late twentieth century but, above all, from the first decade of this century. Agris Nikitenko knows all about it as a professor at Riga Technical University and CEO of RobotNest SIA who has been working with robots in his home country of Latvia since 2008, when nobody else was. 

In this FACE to Face Nikitenko’s optimism stands out as he assures us that in his country ICT companies are the engines of the economy. In fact, he explains that there is no unemployment in this sector. 

Nikitenko talks about the importance of being clear about the purpose of your business and makes a statement which all entrepreneurs should keep in mind: “Inspiration comes from the customers.”



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Nakul Wali

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no pain no gain!
26/05/2016 2 0 1

Cole Byrn

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well said Agris. Instead of focusing on how much money we make, we should focus on what the customers want and need
10/12/2015 2 0 2
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