The FACE of experience with Bermejo & Bautista

In the third episode of RestartUp Kate and her friends begin to realize the difficulties of starting a business idea, which is something Manuel Bermejo, author of ‘Entrepreneurial people, quality people’ and Nea Bautista, co-founder of ‘Chilikids’,  can agree upon.

According to Bermejo, fears about entrepreneurship are normal for young Europeans and because of that, this expert believes in including notions about entrepreneurship in school and university education. 

Meanwhile, Bautista encourages young Europeans: “if you have a good idea, you need to be brave.” Experience, says this entrepreneur, is acquired equally well regardless of how the business venture turns out. 


Financial doubts and problems start to arise in this third episode of RestartUp, 'The first investment'. It is well known that getting the economic support in order to develop a business idea is not easy and that's something that our experts explain in this video analysis, where you can see the importance of making sacrifices when starting up.


Have you had to give something up to launch your idea? Was it harder than you thought?

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Christian Atz

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I canceled my housing-saving contract to have additional money to execute my first startup idea.
17/02/2016 4 0 1

Cole Byrn

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How'd that work out for you? Did it give you the money you needed to move forward?
18/02/2016 2 0 0

Michelle Marcoux

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Free time- it's always the first to go. You spend every waking hour working on your project, and yeah, it's hard. I needed to learn to balance my work timetable with hobbies and time for friends, otherwise I would gave gone insane!
23/11/2015 1 0 1

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I totally agree with you. I always have an agenda, so I can at least program things in advance.
31/05/2016 0 0 0
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