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The education that an entrepreneur doesn’t get from the classroom

education for entrepreneurs

You might hear that 21st century entrepreneurs won’t be found at business schools, or in postgraduate programmes at universities.  And it many cases, that might actually be true!  Today’s entrepreneurs are a brilliant, exceptional species and as such, they learn in a different way.  Of course, education is essential but today we’re going to talk about another type of training that is acquired living in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The contemporary entrepreneur lives with two facts that define their existence: limited time and resources.  Given these circumstances, it would be really difficult to get an education on all of those areas they lack knowledge and improve their leadership skills through university courses or master’s programmes.

How do they do it then?  That’s just it! By doing!  We’ve already said that they’re brilliant people, and as such, they take complete advantage of any situation to continue learning and growing.  In their free time, they choose to read inspiring stories and they imitate their mentors to improve the management of their startup and make it grow without forgetting a single detail.  When they go to a pitch, they closely observe and analyze the speeches and communication techniques of their competitors. 

The education outside the classroom 

Their collaborative attitude is a distinguishing feature, so for them incubators, accelerators, business centres and co-working spaces are sources of continuous inspiration for the advancement of their project and at the same time they share ideas with others and help to mentor in areas such as innovation, problem solving, and creating reliable teams.

“It’s not important to know everything, but it is important to have the number of someone who does.”  Well, this isn’t all true.  Entrepreneurs today prefer to know everything, but, just in case, they’re always ready to put to good user their social skills when they attend networking and entrepreneurship events where they can get close to people with great potential and inspirational capacity who they can learn from.

They even use their free time to continue learning.  Why not take advantage of these days off to visit that friend of yours who’s running a startup in Silicon Valley?  Or why not jet off to Dublin to attend the Web Summit and see what’s the latest going on in the world of technology?

Paying attention to the market or user/customers’ behaviours is key to be able to offer the world what they need, and that’s why even having a couple of drinks with friends, or going to the gym, are all great opportunities to observe, analyze and learn.  This is something in which an entrepreneur is unsurpassed; their always attentive attitude to catch on to any message and apply it to their new philosophy or project is worth much more than any master class.

And what happens if still in spite of everything they’ve learned there’s still some area which they don’t dominate? No problem, entrepreneurs are also humble people who look for co-founders and colleagues who have the experience, skills and knowledge they lack to form an impressive team to crown the top of their business areas efficiently and creatively.


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