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Starting up in Big Data is a dream come true, but it is also a never-ending challenge

Starting up in Big Data is a dream come true, but it is also a never-ending challenge

Starting up in Big Data is a dream for many entrepreneurs, a dream that FACE Entrepreneurship along with Llenalia García is going to turn into a reality. 

Llenalia García was young and had a stable job when one day she decided to leave the monotony behind and set out on the path to entrepreneurship by building her own business. She realized that there was a need for objective and relevant statistical data analyses for companies. Now Llenalia is the director of SEPLIN, where ICT tools for statistical data analyses are being developed in order to boost R & D of their customers.  

She tells us that when she began in 2010, those closest to her said it was a ridiculous idea to jump into the Big Data market at that time, nevertheless, eager to fulfill her dream and pursue her interests, Llenalia went ahead with a smile on her face and her idea in her head. I wasted a lot of time looking for subsidies, when I should have been spending that effort on looking for clients”. 

Finding funding for Big Data projects

The first of her problems were economics. She admits that it was complicated to get funding and she recognises that she wasted too much time searching for subsidies when she could have taken advantage of that time to look for clients. Despite all that, she explains that she was able to get training and support from the business sector which was invaluable since her greatest fear was, and still is, not knowing how to sell her product.  That is also why she had to learn marketing techniques which aided her in attracting new customers. 


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Llenalia was alone when she started, and was able to count on the financial support of her family, but it was she who had to look for customers and carry out the whole work load.  One of the hurdles she came across during her entrepreneurial journey was forming a team with suitable partners who could carry out the work at hand to the standards which her company required.  She confesses that it is also still one of her greatest obstacles. “The dedication required to work for my own company is a challenge”.  

According to our interviewee, the possibility of losing personal liberty and free time served more as a motivation than as something to be afraid of; it was a welcomed challenge. Despite having to spend 12 to 14 hours a day building her business, her greatest satisfaction has been being able to see herself grow in the professional world. By having started a company in this field, she believes it has added extra value to her professional career. 

Regardless of the ups and downs, Llenalia García continues to obtain new national and international clients. What’s more, she still has research projects in mind as well as projects with private and public enterprises, so beyond the mistakes, doubts and results she undoubtedly considers the experience and journey a positive one.  

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