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PomoDone, an app to manage your working hours and down time

Pomodone app

In our section “App of the week” for entrepreneurs we’ve already seen a couple of apps that help us to organize our workload.  But at the moment of truth, when we get to work how do we really ensure that we’re leveraging our time to the fullest?  For many, the answer is to use the pomodoro technique. Intrigued? Read on.

The pomodoro technique consists in working on completely focused on a task uninterrupted for a time, usually 25 min.  After this time interval, also known as the pomodoro, we can take a short 3-5 min break to clear our minds and then get back to work for another 25 minutes.  Four pomodoros complete a full cycle and after a full cycle we’ve earned ourselves a 15 minute break.  This is just the basics of the technique, and online you can find real ‘professionals’ who offer numerous tips to use and improve it.  But we’ve got the app ‘PomoDone’ for you, an app that will help you make the most out of this technique and work more efficiently. 

Taking breaks isn’t just for the lazy… it’s necessary!

‘PomoDone’ is a desktop application that helps you monitor your time.  After a quick registration and installation, you’re ready to start working with your pomodoro cycles.  Of course, if working for 25 minutes at maximum concentration is too much for you, or too little, you have total freedom to modify the work and rest periods.  In this regard, the application is fully customizable.  And we like it because it will always be present on your desktop to make sure you’re not spending longer than what’s necessary in front of the monitor.

What’s more, one of the reasons why we’ve opted for this application, since there are literally hundreds of online apps to use this technique, is because you can synchronize it with other task management tools like Trello, which we’ve already shared on another occasion.

What do you think about the technique?  Do you use a strategy to increase your productivity and organize your time better?  Tell us and win a free trip to join us in our next entrepreneurship event!


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