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Piggy Tag: tracking real value

Piggy Tag: tracking real value

Did you ever struggle to find the true value of an antiquity? Did you ever doubt how much you should pay for a second hand item? Now, thanks to Piggy Tag, you don’t need a specialist to explain their value anymore; personal appraisals are now rendered transparent and readily available at your fingertips.


Piggy Tag is one of the last innovative apps developed by a team of French youngsters. It stores the information you have about any item and lets you look it up by scanning the QR code. When you give or sell your item to someone, you can transfer the physical Piggy Tag, along with the item’s digital story. 

It easily creates tags and organizes them in an inventory that allows you to look up items and transfer the digital story along with the physical tag to another person. 

The Piggy Tag team applied to our “Kill the elevator pitch” contest, being selected among the 3 winners. Besides receiving personalized mentoring throughout the summer, they joined the FACE team in Madrid to enjoy a whole day of face to face mentoring with Rosa Allegue, CFO of Sketchers in Iberia, and another one working hand in hand with investors. Moreover, they pitched their ideas at the South Summit, one of the biggest entrepreneurial events in Southern Europe.

Asked about how she conceives mentoring, Rosa explained to us thatentrepreneurs are usually in loved with their startups. Believing in what you are doing is key to succeed. However, it can also mean losing perspective at times. As she argued, having a mentor is very important to get a wider point of view about several things such as what is out there in the market, if the team is professional enough and how they can improve their finances.

WuamQuiem, cofounder of Piggy Tag, agrees with that and explains that his main takeaway from this contest and the mentoring program helped them understand and determine their priorities and next steps.

For Steven Blackman, cofounder of this startup, it was very relevant to improve his knowledge on how to get investments and finance and to understand the importance of team building. 

Do you want to meet the Piggy Tag team and see what their mentor Rosa Allegue thinks about the importance of mentoring? Don´t miss this video!


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