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Kelaa Mental Resilience, the app for your HR department

Kelaa Mental Resilience, the app for your HR department

One of the biggest challenges you’ll have to face when founding your startup has to do with choosing your team.  But if you think that the worst is over once you’ve chosen the very best professionals to work with you, then you still don’t know what waits ahead.  As an entrepreneur, managing the human resources for your team will be one of your constant tasks. There are tons of resources and strategies to take on this issue, but the German startup, whose offices can be found in London, SOMA Analytics has gone beyond what’s already been done to create Kelaa Mental Resilience, a service that allows you to understand the moods of your team with a simple app.  Interested in learning more? Keep reading.

Kelaa Dashboard: a service for entrepreneurs…

Too often we make decisions that affect our team without having all the information, without knowing what our team’s mood is, what they care about or what the issues that affect them at work and outside of it are.  With the Kelaa Dashboard we can minimize that risk by knowing more about the well-being and working environment in our startup based on data collected in the workplace.  As the entrepreneurs responsible for this app explain, “it helps you to understand your employees better.”  Kelaa analytics show you the areas where you could improve working conditions, thereby increasing productivity.

All of this is possible thanks to Big Data and some “sophisticated algorithms” that provide accurate analysis.  Obviously it’s not about knowing exactly what’s going through your team members’ minds, but instead a way to understand what you can do to make them happier at work and how to improve their performance.

It’s no small task and the promise is interesting enough to lift the doubts of those in Human Resources who have tried it.  For that reason Johann Huber, founder of SOMA Analytics, and her team offer a demo for entrepreneurs to try with their own startups.

Kelaa Mental Resilience, an app for the whole team

This HR 2.0 service is nothing without the app Kelaa Mental Resilience.  This innovation will help your team, and yourself, to improve their level of mental resilience, how to concentrate and almost more importantly to manage your stress and think positively.  This is done with small challenges that will train you step by step.

As they explain on their website, “Kelaa uses the sensors on your Smartphone.  Unlike other wellness applications, it doesn’t require any type of external wearable devices.  Employees download the app to their phones, ensuring high acceptance in all of your startup.”

It should be noted that the application has a beautiful, simple and intuitive design that encourages use and is very consistent with the idea that it promotes: do things differently, more positively and more calmly.

What do you think of this app? Do you know of any others like it?  Tell us in the comments and win awesome prizes!


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