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ICT Entrepreneurs and Projects, the real human side to entrepreneurship

 ICT Entrepreneurs and Projects, the real human side to entrepreneurship

We interviewed entrepreneurs from all over Europe just for you! 

Behind every ICT entrepreneur and ICT project (Information and Communication Technology), there is a person filled with ideas, visions and doubts. Every entrepreneur is unique and experiences the process of starting a business and facing different situations with varying degrees of success. 

In our FACE Entrepreneurship blog we’ve put together storied from entrepreneurs who are setting trends in the ICT landscape. 



In this section we will share real stories of ICT entrepreneurs. We will given a prominent place to the real protagonists of the project: the person behind every ICT iniciative. Brave people with innovative ideas that have already walked along the road of entrepreneurship who are willing to share their experiences with aspiring entrepreneurs so that they can follow their lead and contribute to business development by creating their own projects. 

European ICT Entrepreneurs and Projects

Under the label of 'real cases' our readers will find interviews carried out with young Europeans 100% dedicated to their projects. We will show clear and helpful testimonies from entrepreneurs from various nationalities and ICT areas.

Getting to know the career path of others who have taken risks is a way of encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs to startup and to understand that the possibility of failure was present during the paths of those who have come before them, with various results. 

All of the interviews will deal with entrepreneurship from the beginning phases to the creation of a company and on to the launch of a product or service, along with all of the fears and risks associated with each step.  They are personal experiences that are made to inspire. 

It is our hope that these stories help to give visibility to talent, effort and the reality of the ICT environment in Europe by maintaining our goal to offer our FACErs the necessary tools to confront real situations, overcome adversity and face their challenges



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