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Gymeyes: Monitoring your workout through GoPro videos

Gymeyes: Monitoring your workout through GoPro videos

Do you love working out? Would you like to monitor your exercise and improve your results? Then, Gymeyes is the tool you need! It helps gyms to increase their retention rate by connecting customers to the personal trainers. How? By giving gym members the experience to video record their workoutthrough GoPros. Users can request feedback based on their gym videos, which connects them to personal trainers in their local fitness center.


The founder of Gymeyes, Michael Van Der Graft, applied to our “Kill the elevator pitch” contest, being selected among the 3 winners. Besides receiving personalized mentoring throughout the summer, he joined the FACE team in Madrid to enjoy a whole day of face to face mentoring with entrepreneur and Business Angel René de Jong, and another one working hand in hand with investors. Moreover, he pitched his project at the South Summit, one of the biggest entrepreneurial events in Southern Europe.

Asked about his understanding of entrepreneurship, René de Jong brought up a quote from John W. Gardner that reads “We are all faced with a series of great opportunities - brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems”. For this Dutch Business Angel, the figure of a mentor is essential, as he or she brings experience on the table and offers a different angle that will help the entrepreneur in his or her thinking processes. 

For Michael, the main take away from his participation in the FACE Entrepreneurship contest was the opportunity to know Business Angels and Venture Capitalists and understand the differences between what they both seek.

Do you want to meet Gymeyes and see what René de Jong thinks about the importance of mentoring? Don´t miss this video!



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