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Gamification, or the art of engaging users

Gamification, or the art of engaging users

Each day it’s getting harder and harder to attract users online and engage them in a medium-term project.  This was revealed by various studies such as the one carried out by Micro Focus, which shows that a 1 second delay in loading a webpage is equivalent to a 16% lower user satisfaction.  In this day and age’s impatience and perpetual business it’s become essential to incorporate strategies like the one used by FACE Entrepreneurship and its gamification system; entrepreneurship goes hand in hand with the playfulness to create a richer user experience.  Let’s see how. 

Seriously Playing

The key is to appeal to the feelings and emotions of users, that’s what makes them want to get involved: to win prizes, climb in rankings, and gain recognition within a community is one of the techniques used in gamification as mentioned by Juan Carlos Lozano, president of the Asociación Nacional de Gamificación y Marketing Digital, ANAGAM (National Association of Digital Marketing and Gamification).  As explained by this expert, playing involves a neurological reaction based on the release of dopamine and endorphins that stimulate the pleasure centres of the brain and invite us to want to continue playing.  This is the centre of the gamification strategy, the user themselves, wants to return to the web and continue progressing.



At FACE Entrepreneurship we’ve taken note of these concepts to design a path to entrepreneurship that’s stimulating and rewards our users, FACErs.

· Gameboard:  It’s made up of squares in which registered users can access video interviews, expert analysis and episodes of the original web series “restartUp”.  The key is in unlocking two squares each week, which makes is so the user has to keep coming back to be able to stay up to date on the latest developments.

· Karma and medals:  In order to encourage comments, debates and interaction among the users a reward system based on karma has been established in which each user’s points depend on their participation and the evaluation of other users.  This system has already been shown to be effective on other forums, and the users see their contributions on the web translated into medals which measure their achievements and are each time for difficult to earn.

· Prizes:  The basis on which the gamification system stands also has a component of tangible rewards, for instance a series of prizes that users can get if they participate frequently and their contributions are positively valued by the community.

Gamification is still relatively new and it’s just starting to grow and show its potential.  So says a study conducted by “Research & Markets” shows that gamification will generate some 5 billion  Euros in business from now to 2018.

What does the future hold for this engagement tool?  Do you other examples of gamification?  Participate with your comments and win a trip to our next entrepreneurship event!


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