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Find out about Spanish startups and entrepreneurs at South Summit 2015

Find out about Spanish startups and entrepreneurs at South Summit 2015

Our first event, 'FACE Madrid: Starting up: how to overcome fear of failure?' will be held within the South Summit 15 event, organised by Spain Startup, October 7-9 in Las Ventas, Madrid.

This edition of South  Summit ’15 features an entrepreneurship map that portrays the Spanish entrepreneur as a man younger than 35 years old with university studies.   

Below is some of the most relevant information published by the organisation and which help to contextualize this first event in the Spanish:

The average age of Spanish entrepreneurs and startups is dropping

Those professionals currently immersed in the process of creating their own businesses are men (83%), with university studies or postgraduate studies (90%) and young (more than half are younger than 35 years old), which approaches the average age of other European countries better positioned in terms of new business creation.

The percentage of women entrepreneurs has decreased two points in the last year, from 19% to 17% within this time frame.

Funding Spanish startups continues to be one of the greatest deterrents

Although funding continues to be one of the main obstacles faced by new business ventures, it’s becoming increasingly more important to find strategic business partners. This is being reflected in the growing interest of leading companies and corporations as they are increasingly more receptive to the creation of agreements with young companies to innovate.  

Furthurmore it highlights the importance of establishing a good team: four out of ten entrepreneurs believe that the search for good talent is crucial.



A decrease in entrepreneurship due to necessity has taken place, which will be discussed ath South Summit

57% of new Spanish business owners had worked for someone else prior to creating their own startup. . From this we can understand that the choice to startup has stopped being an alternative to unemployment and instead is not a premeditated decision and career goal. In fact, 100% of those interviewed stated that whatever the reason, the final decision is preceded by the ability to find a niche market or because they have always wanted to own their own business (60%).

The capacity of Spanish startups to re-launch and hire

It is also worth noting that more than half of the entrepreneurs interviewed had previous experience starting a company. Although 61% did not obtain the expected results from previous projects, 1 in 4 managed to sell their product successfully.

At present and according to the information that will be studied at South Summit, 70% of Spanish startups have between 2 and 10 employees and 25% are hoping to bill more than €150,000 during 2015. Register now for all the information.


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