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European women stand out as the most humanitarian entrepreneurs

We Start Europe

Within the world of entrepreneurship there are various sectors that have been growing impressively in recent years.  Here at FACE Entrepreneurship we’ve talked a lot about the importance of ICT and how they are expected to change the world; but there is another area that has earn prominence, especially by women, and it’s the area of startups focused on social services, solidarity, development and health. These are their major driving factors, find out why.  

More women entrepreneurs and more committed

These are good times for entrepreneurship among women and it appears that in the following years it will continue to get better.  This is according to a report on entrepreneurship among women released by the European Commission.  This document shows that between 2003 and 2014 the percentage of women entrepreneurs grew slowly but steadily to reach a total of 30%; which can be seen as 10 million women are starting up their businesses in Europe. 

And among all these new entrepreneurs a large majority of them have decided to work in social areas such as education, social services, health and the world of non-profits.  In fact, of all the entrepreneurs who started up in these last three fields, 60% of them are women.  By contract, the world of industry remains out of touch for women who only represent just 20% of the total of entrepreneurs in this area. 



They are more socially aware then men and proof of this is apparent in communities such as ‘We Start Europe’, a web platform that brings together social startups created by women in Europe.  Here you can find approximately 1,000 initiatives with intentions of changing the way we do business, bringing it closer to the social and human side. 

Places and reasons 

By country, Luxembourg and Portugal have emerged as champions for entrepreneurship among women, with a rate of 40% and 42% female entrepreneurs respectively, well about the European average and countries like Ireland, where only 18% of entrepreneurs are women. 



What leads someone to be an entrepreneur?  According to the European Commission, the main reason is related to the lack of employment in the country of residence: “Countries with high levels of unemployment tend to have, on average, higher levels of female entrepreneurs.”

And it’s not just a matter of quantity, but quality.  Because, although women represent a lower percentage of entrepreneurship than men, according to a report from CNN women tend to start more business ventures than man and also tend to earn more money with them. 


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