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A visit into the depths of BQ, much more than an ICT project

BQ visit

Last week, Gerardo and Diana, the winners of the workshop organized by FACE Entrepreneurship at South Summit, visited the BQ Headquarters in Madrid. For those unfamiliar with this initiative, the goal is to promote ICT entrepreneurship among young Europeans by fighting against the fear of failure. And what better way to boost entrepreneurship than by inviting these two young individuals to visit the BQ offices?  This Spanish company is the perfect example that effort, hard work and eagerness can create great things. 

Diana and Gerardo tell us about the experience at BQ: 

If we had to define the visit in one word, it would surely have to be excitement.

Excitement from a couple of aspiring entrepreneurs developing their dreams, in the same way a group of friends did when they got together to build a project which is now known as the international company BQ. 

Excitement for been part of just a sample of what technology, innovation and restless minds are able to do. 

Excitement for the journey an entrepreneur takes if they dream big, if they don’t surrender to adversity, if they find opportunities where no one else sees them and always in the company of others who share their same dream. Excitement in the faith of a team striving for the same common goals and that is continuously motivated to improve individually and as a team.  

All of this is reflected in the company. Entering the BQ offices is a journey into the depths of a technological giant. It’s a different world inhabited by technology and innovation experts: Project Managers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, designers… all focused on creating the best product in the more practical and profitable way without having to sacrifice their innovation or creativity. From its foundation, BQ demonstrates its sense of responsibility by concentrating its actions on the customer and the common good. For instance, by release the source codes for the majority of the technology used to create their products they have become a beacon of knowledge for future entrepreneurs. 

We’ve gotten to know BQ as much more than just the leading brand in the market.  We were lucky enough to get close to all of the areas that make up BQ as well as its employees and even one of its founders, Rodrigo Del Prado. This young entrepreneur dedicated an entire afternoon to explaining each of the departments to us with great technical accuracy. But that’s not all, what most impressed us was his passion for his work because it helps us to understand why the company has reached where it is today. 

Now we know that BQ is much more than a smartphone company; BQ is education, innovation, social work, and, thanks to this visit, now we clearly understand that with enthusiasm and commitment, starting up successfully is possible.  


Thank you Rodrigo, thank you BQ and thank you FACE Entrepreneurship team! 


Diana Pérez and Gerardo Conrado (FACErs)



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