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5 ways ICT will change everything in 2016

The internet of things

As we have seen in previous post, the ICT sector is creating huge expectation all around the world: it will be a big job generator, it doesn’t require an important amount of money to start a business… and in the long term, ICT development may improve our way of life. Sounds like a good deal right?

Today we’re  going to take a look at the ICT trends that are going to arise in 2016. Join us! 

1-. Everything will be connected

We believe it’s necessary to start with IoT. Don’t know what that means? You should, because Internet of Things is going to be the greatest revolution after the Internet. Imagine a freezer that knows what your food preferences are and does the shopping for you. Or a computer that actually knows its user. Most of our daily items will be connected to the web and will make our lives easier, or at last, that’s what new ICT projects are trying to do in the coming years. 

2-. Education will evolve

The classroom is about to change in a radical way. Forget old fashion blackboards, it’s time to teach with online resources in real time. Because yes, presentation of information to students will change but what’s more important is how, how they’ll ‘interact’ with that information. In this sense, gamification is ready to enter the education system. And, of course, learning will leave schools and be able to move everywhere. Why should you attend class on a regular schedule when you can get your lessons where ever you decide and at your own pace? This is happening in a low level but the next revolution is about to start in classrooms. 

3-. Goodbye Wi-Fi

And hello LiFi! Most daily Internet users know that Wi-Fi means freedom but, at the same time, it means slow connections. This is going to change soon, very soon, according to experts that are already ‘playing’ with the new LiFi technology. In labs, this connection has reached an insane velocity connection so… who needs cables? 

4-. The numbers behind your sweat

Technological gadgets are becoming more and more common in our daily life. Many of these new items are focused on sports, and that’s going to change not just our performance when practicing sport, but the professional leagues and competitions all around the world. Every effort will be measured so, get ready! 

5-. Big data could predict the future

Big data has grown this year and today pretty much everybody that uses the Internet knows about the cloud and how data has become a fundamental business area. But this is just the beginning. According to some experiments, big data could predict such things like flu outbreaks,  social revolts or even stock market crisis. Sadly, not lottery numbers… yet. 


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