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5 tips to choose the perfect coworking spaces for you

5 tips to choose the perfect coworking spaces for you

Traditional office seems to be attached to a traditional work… and ICT entrepreneurs aren’t traditional at all! That’s why you should consider moving to a coworking space. These environments stimulate your creativity and are an amazing ecosystem full of young people with new ideas and professional profiles that could help to make your startup a successful one. 

But in order to find the right one for you, there are several aspects you should care about. Because yes, money and location are important things to have in your mind when you are looking for an office to settle your startup, but the details make the difference. 

Read this tips to find the perfect coworking space and you won’t have an excuse to be bored at work! 


1-. Facilities

One of the most important characteristics of a coworking space it’s related to its facilities. Because we assume that every coworking you are going to check has the basics: tables, a fast internet connection, a vending machine… but beyond this features, you need to make sure you will be able to have a private conversation with a client or investor; that’s why a good meeting room is needed if you want to cultivate your networking at your workplace. And this is a small example. You must to think in what you’re going to need in your daily routine. Don’t be satisfied with less! 

2-. Ambience and decoration

Don’t get surprise too soon. Despite of what it may seem, ambience and decoration are crucial for your performance. An incredible big part of being an entrepreneur is to think in a creative way, not just in the search of your business idea, but as a way to improve how you face all the challenges that you have ahead. And an appropriate ambience and decoration may stimulate that creativity. 

Fortunately, coworking spaces are usually a dream for interior designers: there are no rules and you will find thousand of environments to choose. Pick the right one for you: if you are an impulsive person, maybe a calm environment can help you to focus on the work. Or if you need a plus of energy, something more strident suit you.  

3-. Community

Coworking spaces usually welcome almost every professional that knocks on their door. However, there are coworking reserved for a specific profile. Maybe just ICT people, or artist, or economist… And this is good, because one of the most important features of a coworkign space has to do with the people you are going to be sharing the space. It’s all about synergy and creating professional relationships that can beneficiate both parts. This is why you should investigate what kind of community has the coworking that you may use for your startup.

4-. Schedule

Opening hours are a ‘small’ but important detail that you should check before going anywhere. What happen if you like to work at midnight but the place is closed? What if you are an early bird but your office doesn’t open until 9 a.m? Now you see how important is to know the schedule; be aware that the best coworking spaces out there are open 24/7, but don’t look for this feature if you don’t really need it. 

5-. Guest and events 

Coworking spaces usually organize meetings and networking sessions that are interesting for their workers. For example, if you are an entrepreneur trying to make successful your first company, maybe you want to meet an investor, or a lawyer that helps you with all the paperwork. Or event another entrepreneurs, that could give your some great advice as the ones that you can find in FACE Entrepreneurship, right? 

Every coworking space has a website where they publish the events of the month. Check them out and think that they may be the just the push that you need! 


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