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5 Advantages to joining coworking spaces

5 Advantages to joining coworking spaces

The first experience I had as an entrepreneur was in a controlled environment, just out of a large company. 

When you decide to be an entrepreneur, the first thing that comes to mind is to start working from home; you think of all the positive things it offers.  You get up in the morning in fall into your job at nearly the speed of light and think "this is cool." Everything is idyllic, you get to work early, you didn’t spend a dime to open your office, and you get to use the cheapest cafe in the world (your own kitchen).  It’s the best of the best. But it also has other things like “why take off my pajamas if no one’s going to see me?”, or “what time should I do the shopping? The supermarket is empty at 11 am...”  You look over at the sofa and it calls to you.  You don’t structure your day, so you work from sunup to sundown and you still aren’t getting much done.  That’s without mentioning the long and terrible solitude of working alone at home.

One of the things you must keep in mind is the psychological aspect of being an entrepreneur.  You’ll have moments of euphoria but also very low, dark times and that’s when you’re going to need support and motivation. 

That’s why it makes sense to look for a work place where you can share your situation with other people who are going through or who have gone through the same thing. 

That’s why we want to show you one of the alternatives to working from home: Coworking spaces and their advantages. 


If you have a cheap office at home and suitable conditions to work, in a coworking space you won’t find the same distractions as at home and here there is a professional environment with people who are doing the same as you: working. 

Coworking centers, apart from offering you a professional place to work, connect you to the real world. You’ll meet other entrepreneurs and business owners who use the space to work and do business, because everything that happens in life happens outside of the home. 


Working in a coworking space offers the possibility of setting specific timetables and makes it easier to follow them. You end up with a work routine that is easier to meet and maintain than when you work at home because you don’t have distractions and you can separate your personal life from your professional one.


When you work from home finding customers turns into a complicated task.  Have you ever seen clients go to someone’s home to look for a supplier?  To find clients you need to get out. 

Coworking spaces offer a Community, a physical Community of professionals who have needs, ideas and proposals offering the possibility to networking and launch new projects.  What’s more, coworking centers offer activities focused specifically on promoting relationships in a relaxed way with things like breakfast or lunch meetings, etc. 


Coworking spaces like The Shed Coworking in Madrid give you the opportunity to build your own company from a much deeper prism and also to create accordion structures depending on your needs: if you need to hire staff you can easily occupy desks and offices depending on your needs at any given moment. 

You always have the minimum costs for each stage of development of the project. 


Starting up is often difficult and you need to be comfortable, which is why in the coworking community you have people to lean on and support you during the hard and happy times, with whom you can share your frustrations, fears and experiences. 

Coworking spaces are made to promote creativity. Some spaces are decorated in a way to transmit concentration, freshness, light and comfort.  And it’s normal for them to offer activities or curses so you can take a break from the daily grind and spend some time sharing your ideas and knowledge with other professionals like you from your sector and other areas of expertise. 

And you, have you tried the coworking option?  Are there other advantages that we’ve forgotten? Leave us your opinions in the comments! 


Gonzalo Navarro is a founding partner at The Shed Co. and has 15 years experience in sales and operations as well as managing teams of up to 200 people.  His specialties include team management, B2B, project management, startups, creating businesses and negotiating.


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