Horizon 2020: Face entrepreneurship

What is FACE Entrepreneurship?

What is FACE Entrepreneurship?

An opportunity

Do you have a good idea? Are you thinking of starting up your own ICT project? Then you’ve come to the right place. FACE Entrepreneurship is the meeting point for entrepreneurs who are willing to help each other overcome the barriers they confront along the road to entrepreneurship.  

Good ideas are important, so important!  But it’s easier to turn these ideas into solid projects when you can count on the support and experience of other entrepreneurs who, like you, have made the decision to develop an ICT project. 

We know that the challenges can sometimes be frightening even cause panic. Most entrepreneurs you meet have gone through this. But they’re still here! Because launching your own business idea means immersing yourself in a passionate universe in which, although sometimes hard to believe, even the small and not so small mistakes are important lessons that will help you to achieve your goals. 

But we don’t want to resign ourselves to just offering you all of the information possible, we also want to know about you. What worries you as an entrepreneur? What excites you? How to you confront your doubts? What’s your day to day like?  Tell us about your experiences; participate by commenting in the community. Your contributions will help us to understand our European community of entrepreneurs better… and it has its rewards! You could travel with us to one of our seven offline events that we’re organizing across seven different European cities. 

We want to count on you.  We want you to know you can count on us. 

Join us.  Become a FACEr and set aside your fears. 


Where did this project start?

FACE Entrepreneurship is a project financed by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 program.  This initiative intends to boost ICT entrepreneurship among young Europeans by working through a key aspect which is often not given enough importance: the capacity to face the possibility of failure. 

The path to Entrepreneurship

The path to Entrepreneurship

This square represents the road that any and every entrepreneur must take in the process to make their ICT idea into a product or service ready for market. 

Each week we will unlock two squares, in which you will find different content and activities to participate in. Each square represents a situation that you could face as an ICT entrepreneur.

To access this content you only need to register on our online platform and become a FACEr.

Dynamic Gamification

Dynamic Gamification

Participating in the FACE community has it’s rewards!

Participate in the community by: commenting, debating, voting on the contributions of other FACErs and getting positive karma.

The most participative and highest ranked FACEr by the community will be invited to attend the closing event of FACE Entrepreneurship.

These are the medals that you can win. Have you set a goal yet?

  • Chatterbox
  • Explorer
  • Evaluator
  • Debater
  • Respondant
  • Influencer
  • FACEr

To ensure a collaborative environment comments and participation will be approved by a monderator.

Become a FACEr and take the path to entrepreneurship with other young European entrepreneurs just like you. 

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